Office Administration

Ntombi Sibanyoni

Office Administrator

My Story

I have been fortunate to receive a dream opportunity at Sanari Capital in 2018. Every day since then I have enjoyed coming to work and appreciated the chance to better my skills as a receptionist and administrator.

I joined Sanari because I wanted to further my career and saw an opportunity to learn about running an office in a productive and efficient manner. I aspire to further my training in office administration and hope to complete a bachelor’s degree in future.

I look for relationships that will help me learn and grow as an individual, both personally as well as within the business environment.

I add value by  giving 100% each day and making sure every member of my team has what they need and when they need it.

My passion for what I do comes from my love for people and for being organised. My objective is for our staff and guests to have an  unsurpassed experience in the office.

Before I joined Sanari I was a waitress at Fuel Bistro downstairs from the Sanari office and a cashier at Checkers Hyper Market.

Ntombi matriculated from a school in Mayfair.