Executive-in-Residence / Value Add Executive

Bevin van Zyl

My Story

I have been able to adapt and achieve in almost any environment, having successfully led teams across different fields (from Engineering to HR), industries (from Transportation to FMCG), and continents (from the US to South Africa).

I joined Sanari because it gives me the opportunity to apply my skills and experience in an impactful and rewarding way – enabling leaders from diverse backgrounds to excel in taking purposeful companies to the next level.

In the businesses I invest in I look for a desire to continuously improve.  Ultimately the full team needs to commit to working together and building the capabilities required to achieve the new vision.

I add value by being a natural facilitator with excellent team leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills; both within Sanari and with the management teams of our portfolio companies.

My passion for what I do comes from my parents always encouraging me to try new things, not be limited by stereotypes and to lead by example.

Before I joined Sanari I held multiple executive-level roles within Marketing, Sales, and Distribution at South African Breweries. Before that I consulted with Booz Allen and I started my career as a Disney Imagineer (yes I got to design rides at Disney!).

Through the Leaders for Global Operations Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bevin earned an MBA from the Sloan School of Management and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. She has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University.